Investing in sustainable shares with dividend entitlement

Steinbock Mittelstandsbeteiligungen (SBM)

... is an investment holding for shares with dividend entitlement in the German-speaking region. SBM invests in profitable medium-sized businesses and can acquire both minority and majority shares.

SBM's goal is the development

... and long-term value-based management of a diversified portfolio of market-leading, profitable medium-sized (family-owned) companies with above average development and appreciation potential. Due to their strong innovation, production and consumption capacity and in combination with their corporate structure characterised by the medium-sized sector, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) are at the focus of our investments.

Due to consistent annual dividend payout

... and the solid performance of a diversified portfolio of medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region, SBM is an appealing investment.

Benefit from the mid-sized sector

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